Monday, May 23, 2011


Here are some more testimonials, thanks to my clients for their thoughts and comments on training with me.

When I first joined the CBD gym my motivation was, (because of a diagnosis of high blood pressure) to increase my fitness levels and health rather than any real burning desire to loose weight.

Since starting with Rob I have found that the exercise regimes he designs have improved not only my fitness and energy levels but I have decreased by dress size down by 2 and I have now
 found motivation to reduce the kilo reading on the scales (but not so much that I am prepared to give up my champagne!!!!!)

 Rob is a dedicated trainer and tries to keep all his client’s motivated with his advice about exercise and diet and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a trainer.

P Diddy:
"I have continued my personal training sessions with Rob over the last six months, who has helped me to achieve some specific weight loss goals I had set to reach by June this year.  With the benefit of Robs knowledge, interest and constant enthusiasm driving my progress, I’m a mere 1/2kg from reaching that goal with a few weeks to go.  Every single training session continues to be a challenge, though one I look forward to, and the rotation of programs (usually structured in a progression of 3 sets of 4 week programs) ensures that I never lose interest, or get too comfortable.
Rob’s passion for all things health and fitness related is evident in his continued efforts to help his clients achieve their individual goals, and in his writings on his fitness blog.  The genuine interest he shows in helping his clients progress makes training with him a pleasure.  If you are considering taking up personal training and have some goals you want to achieve, I’d highly recommend Rob as a trainer who can help you get there."

"Testimonial:  Rob has been my trainer for about a year now.  Rob continues to impress me with the amount of knowledge/education that he tries to get into my head, whether it be via his e-mails, blog or answering questions during the training session.  Rob puts 100% effort into making the session as valuable as possible and since training with Rob, my overall fitness and wellbeing has certainly improved!  Rob's energy and determination is phenomenal and if I put in as much effort as he does, I would certainly achieve my goals much faster!"

"I’ve been following Rob’s emails and blogs for the last year and have found them a valuable resource in helping me get back on track in terms of health, fitness and diet. After starting training with Rob recently, I have found I am spending less time in the gym than I normally would, but already noticed am getting much better results. I am more flexible and strength-wise, the program Rob designed has me lifting much heavier weights than I ever have (or thought I could). I have loved the challenge because Rob has been so encouraging and inspired me to new limits. Training with Rob is always enjoyable because of his energy and warm manner. It has also been really helpful in getting me to use correct form, and I am recovering faster because of his advice about nutrition and stretching. Having a trainer who understands a vegetarian diet and can advise on that, and supplements, has also been really beneficial. Rob puts a great deal of effort into keeping clients motivated and on track to their goals, and I appreciate how knowledgeable he is and always willing to share that."
"I have been training with Rob again for a little over 12 weeks after losing my motivation for any resistance training. Even as a personal trainer myself I still had those days when training seemed too much and I convinced myself to skip sessions. Rob basically kicked me back into gear and told me I should be leading by example for everyone else.
Since we commenced training my strength has returned tenfold. I'm lifting heavier than I have before and my form has never been better. Coupled with his nagging, oops sorry advice, on nutrition my energy levels are maintained throughout the day, and that's with the extra classes I have taken on in the gym.
What's my biggest advice to everyone else? Listen to what Rob has to say. He has a passion for health and fitness and ensures he researches what is required to help you achieve your goals. He doesn't just walk in and give a half hearted attempt. Thanks Rob and I'm looking forward to the next training session."

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