Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hey guys more literature for ya.

Fast Fat Loss Workouts
Got aerobic work? Ok so pride comes before the fall. I'm joking of course, I'm sure if I went to a runners blog we'd see how great it is, runners run, everyone else doesn't, keep that in mind (yes I'm using a stupid tautology to prove a point).

The New Science on Squatting and the TRUTH About Assessing and Teaching the Squat – Interview w/ Dr.Mark McKean
I don't normally put interviews in, but squat positon and depth is so discussed it migh tbe worth weighing in (via article)

Are Leg Extensions Good or Bad, Safe or Dangerous, Effective or a Waste of time, Functional or NonFunctional? – Exercise Expert Brad Schoenfeld has the Surprising Answers!
This reminds me of Cosgrove's "overreaction in the short term underreaction in the long term" quote. I think a lot of us simply removed leg extensions (and most, if not all) machines from our programs due to the functional guys (Boyle, Cook, Cressey etc). This article helps put things back into perspective to the stringent crowd (which I might be a part of).

Training Foreplay:On Warm Ups and Why You Need to Stop Skipping Them
This link and the one below are great culloquially worded posts for the avergae gym goer, the office worker, the "sedentary". Simple, fun language.

How to Improve Your Rate of Improvement: 5 Tips for Increased Results in ANY Area of Your Life
Basic tips for anyone looking to improve their gym life/performance.

Female Fit Pros Weigh In: How to Train After a Hsyterectomy
Soemthing for the ladies!

Stuff You Should Read: 5/2/11
Cressey's list of articles for your viewing pleasure.

My Top 5 Single-Leg Exercises
Cressey demonstrating why single leg work is important and which exercises are paramount.

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