Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Client Results- Sean "P Diddy" Powell.

Before @ 100kgs
After @ 80kgs
Sean is one of those clients you wish you could train all day, aside from the fact that I get along with him personally, he's bizarrely willing to do all that is required of him to get his results. He follows the programs, he sticks to the diets, he gets results. We've been training together for a couple of years, but the stats I'm going to put in below are from just over a year ago.

Sean's goals have been to lose weight, get in shape, things of this nature. He is an office worker in the CBD and typically spends 40+ hours a week sitting behind a desk at a computer.  I've focused his training largely based on principles from such strength coaches Dos Remedios, Cosgrove, Staley, Boyle, Poloquin etc. We've cycled through phases of Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) programs such as:  "Alternating Set", "Circuit Training", "Escalating Density Training", "Superset Training", "Complexes/Hybrids", "Circuit Escalating Density Training" etc.We usually finish off sessions with "High Intensity Interval Training" (HIIT), done via the Cross-Trainer or boxing and all protocols have structured, progressive intensity. I've also shown Sean how to do some basic foam rolling, mobility/stretching drills (special thanks to Chris Edge for running Sean through the "Functional Movement Screen" and providing invaluable training advice), which has helped keep shoulder/movement issues to a minimum.

Diet wise Sean's followed a high protein/ low carb/ moderate healthy fats diet. We follow specific protocols of feed days and low calorie days to help stimulate his metabolism. Sean now (instead of his pre-PT life) eats breakfast each morning instead of relying only on a large coffee, and takes a healthy snack to work to have late morning and afternoon to try and make up 5 reasonably sized meals each day.
Now, to the interesting stuff, the numbers. Taken from an assessment on the 24/02/09 Sean's stats at this time were as follows:

  • Weight: 91kg (at 174cm tall)
  • Bodyfat percentage: (Calipers)- 22.5%, (OMRON)- 27.5%
  • Waist: 100cm

Now, it's important to note, that Sean and I train together for x3 30 min sessions a week, a total of 1hour and a half. He does no training on top of this. Recently he added a strength session in by himself, and I've had to give one session up due to time, and Chris Edge took that one (huge props to Chris). So when you see the stats below, keep that in mind (They are from this morning- 17/05/11):

  • Weight: 80kgs (his target is 79.5kg)
  • Bodyfat percentage: (Calipers)- 16%, (OMRON)- 16%
  • Waist- 85cm

That's a loss of over 10kgs and 6.5-10% bodyfat (depending on the tool used)  in just over a year at 1 and a half hours of training a week. That's pretty impressive to me! Are we done? Of course not, there's always more we can do. But I'd be pleased with that progress!
Now, what I find most impressive about Sean's fat loss are those compared to his strength gains. To this I largely applaud the hard work of people who's back I'm piggying (the aforementioned coaches), as well as Sean's hard work. Their programs, of a MRT focus, have the rare benefit, especially in relatively untrained individuals (such as Sean was when he walked in the door for his first assessment) of strength gains. Sean has, while strictly dieting, increased his strength significantly, for example, in the last couple of months he has:

  • hex bar deadlifted 130kgs for 8 reps
  • done 10 chinups unassisted
  • back squatted 100kgs "ass to grass" (that is insane) for 8 reps
  • bench pressed 70kgs for 8. 

To keep this in perspective this is a deadlift of 1.6 bodyweight and a back squat of 1.2 bodyweight all done during high intensity superset or circuit style training.
As part of a "Circuit EDT" at 6:30am this morning!"
I hope one thing is being noted as we see Sean's progress, there is no, as in zero running, steady state, distance cardio. We've done "High Intensity Steady State" (HISS) once as part of phase 3 of the "Alternating Set System" and that was only because we were already doing several MRT/HIIT sessions (we only did it for 20 mins x3 times a week, for 4 weeks). This protocol was based on Alwyn Cosgrove's "Hierarchy of Fat Loss".

So where to now you might ask? Well Sean is going to Europe to celebrate his new marriage and wonderful bride in 3 weeks so we'll continue with our training and our progress, but I'm about to lose him for 4 months as he goes on his honeymoon. We'll be sure to take some photos of Sean when he gets back and track his progress yet again.
Finally I just want to say to Sean, personally, that he is a great inspiration to me, he shows me what hard work, dedication can do for you and I hope my other clients who are reading this blog can see what just a little determination and trusting the program can do for and to you. I want to thank Sean for the last couple of years of training, he always rocks up to his sessions with a smile, in a good mood, ready to get his sweat on. He does what you ask, when you ask it, you can see he really enjoys his gym time, by the effort he puts into it. Sean makes me look good (as hard as that is to do)! Good luck in Europe buddy!

Below is the poster the gym had made up for the "Member of the month", to celebrate Sean's hard work.

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