Saturday, May 14, 2011


It's been remarked to me that the reason some may not heed what I say on this blog, and I certainly know the professional strength coaches would agree, is: if I'm not posting and demonstrating results and client feedback, why should anyone listen to a word I have to say, regardless of what information I put forward? It makes me just another random Internet voice so many in the industry hate. Do I need to show I'm "in the trenches" to pass some basic competency test? Well, to some extent yes. If I show, I make my living exclusively and comfortably, training clients, that I get repeat and enthusiastic business, then I have some  (perhaps not much I admit) merit and validity as a trainer, which could lend some credence to the gibberish I spew at this blog.

If I'm being honest, I guess I was always afraid of results, as I saw them as a stark reflection of me as a trainer, but that's a horrible mentality to have. If I'm not getting results, then I'm a bad trainer, simple as that. Does it mean I need to quit and go raise sheep? Sure it could entail that, but it doesn't necessarily. It could and should motivate me to become a better trainer, to educate myself more. It's also resoundingly important for clients to know their stats, and for your clients to see client feedback, hell, it's important for you to know your clients feedback. So I'm putting together some stats over the next couple of months, I'm going to be doing blog posts about specific clients, their results, their hard work etc and I'm going to be putting up testimonials I receive. The following are from a little while a go, I'm in the process of getting more now, which I will attach to the blog.

Rob is by far one of the best trainers I’ve had.  He is challenging, yet accommodating, and he listens. The time he is willing to dedicate to answering queries about nutrition and training is exceptional and something I have never experienced with anyone else. If you can match the effort that Rob puts into your sessions, you will get results. I would recommend him without hesitation. 
Rob recently became my trainer this year after my previous trainer left CBD.  Of the trainers I have had at CBD, so far I have found Rob to be the most informative and the one who has really gone the extra mile to educate and encourage me to achieve my goals.  Rob has his own blog and regularly sends out articles to show why he provides the training he does and why we should follow his advice!

Rob has provided great support and encouragement along with a great sense of humour (that distracts me from the pain of exercising) and with his level of knowledge and commitment to improving both my fitness and mind, I am slowly but surely progressing towards my goal!

If you are looking for a trainer who is committed to getting you to where you want to go, I would suggest you look no further than Rob.
Sean (P Diddy):
I have been training with Rob for around three years, and feel fitter and stronger than any time before.  When training with Rob I get a series of workouts which are constantly being rotated and refreshed to meet my training goals and to offer new challenges.  Rob also provides dietary, training and fitness advice outside of scheduled training sessions by way of articles by email, and more recently through his fitness blog, which I find a great innovation.  This gives me something healthy to read when I get to work so that my mind is refocused on being healthy during the day, plus the benefits in tapping into the knowledge of a health and fitness professional.  It is a pleasure to train with someone who demonstrates such a genuine interest in helping his clients reach their goals.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob as a trainer to anyone seeking results.

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