Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hey guys, sorry this blog has been so sparse in its writings lately, due to that I've attached a few more articles than normal, for your viewing pleasure.

Recent Research
Here's Cosgrove with more studies showing the abject failure of aerobic work in the literature, I hope the point is getting across? Distance runners, multiple event athletes and beginners are the only ones who would be doing this stuff (as well as HIIT).

Good Reads for the Week
Here Ben Bruno goes through a much more extravagant article listing than I've covered in this blog, so it makes a great reference for all who are searching for some specific post on a specific thing that has not, thus far, been addressed.

Videos from the Week
More from Bruno here, he's big on posting vids, and they've made me come to realise they're a valuable resource I wasn't really using. When teaching form, exercise technique and even from a simple education point of view, videos make a lot of sense.

Random Thoughts and Quick Hits
Last one from Bruno here, an article on the musings of a strength coach

Should You Reduce Carbs at Night?
Some research put forward here by Brad Schoenfield to counter the claim "no carbs before bedtime", interesting stuff. Something to consider.

High Heels Bad for the Joints?
This would have appeared intuitive but as Schoenfield demonstrates above, intuition isn't entirely reliable, though in this case our intuitions appear confirmed. Ladies, a must read!

Fasted Cardio Article
This seems to be going the way of the Dodo, just one more nail in the coffin.

Mixed Fitness Arts: A New Breed of Personal Trainer and Strength Coach
A nice article here from Contreras, which I wasn't going to put in, but as I read it, it really spoke to me about what I need to be aware of as a trainer, and where I might want to go. Interesting for clients too, to know how to judge the people you train with.

Confessions of a Corporate Wellness Coach
The gym I work at could almost be described as a wellness gym, this article applies for all sedentary workers (re:office workers) who train CBD. This simple but effective guide is at the core of what I preach.

Athletic Bodybuilding: Five Ways to Build a Bigger and Stronger Back
Want a big back? Inquire within. There seems to be a real "low rep" craze at the moment. Is it justified? Sure, but there are caveats (see the wellness article above).

Genetics vs. Hard Work: Round 5
Some specific literature on roid use and comparisons, in animals, between users and non users, interesting if not a lil graphic.

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