Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Your Thoughts On Running.

Here's a response to my blog on the "dangers" of running the other day, I thought it had some positive things to say about running, that I might not have included thus far. So as not to seem too strident, or unwilling to listen to reason I thought I'd include Emma's thoughts. Enjoy!
Yeah, I guess runners are a bit nuts...  I don't know the area that the race was being held in, but I'm guessing it's no run in the park.  I really want to do the Wall of China Marathon one day.  It sounds absolutely hard core.  I find that pretty appealing :-p.
You do have a very good point that running is bad for people.  I know that running is absolutely hideous for people's bodies.  I haven't found anything else that gives me the same sort of buzz exercise wise though.  Crossfit is pretty good but not quite the same.  My PT reckons that running appeals to people with addictive tendencies.  I can understand this.  It's the whole buzz after a really hard session, but also a massive sense of achievement when you finish a set number of kms.  So many times you just want to stop, but you finish anyway, it's kind of fulfilling.  Definitely best in moderation though to avoid injury.  All runners I know are in 1 of 3 states, not injured and running well, injured and not running, or running after returning from injury :-p.


  1. I totally agree with the general consensus on running, insomuch as it creates injuries for the vast majority of the population, with little benefit (at least the way most people are doing it).
    But I do also think that at some base primal level humans are made to run. This video goes into that argument a little more. I found it really interesting.


  2. I agree. Running is fun.
    I get bored after 5km though. By then my head is already clear and I just cbf any more.

    Also for some reason, boys go nuts when they see girls running.

  3. Daevid- McDougall sounds like acool guy, I've ordered his book and am going to do a review of it on the blog..

    El- Hmm I wonder why ;)

  4. @Rob - Excellent

    @Eloise - I think it's more 'boys go nuts when they see fit girls exercising'. I know I could watch my gf exercise all day!

  5. Hahaha Daevid, you may be right, but I've got friends who are more in the overweight category who get hit on all the time when they go running! Get all kinds of numbers.

    I've got a gf who is insanely hot who worked on a mine site though, who got complaints when she used the gym there, because the boys found it distracting. Funny :P

  6. Running isn't bad for you...... 'bad' running is bad for you. We have to look at running as a skill, like most other things we approach with fitness in mind. Learn to run properly (google POSE running if you want more info), and injuries should be a thing of the past.

  7. I appreciate your thoughts, and you're right, to a certain extent.

    I do however think that if you're not running for an endurance event (or for fun), as in you're doing it for fat loss, you're wasting your time, and opening yourself up to the possibility of injury when there are more beneficial (and safer) fat loss techniques out there.