Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Training Diary- German Volume Training-Wk2.

Hi guys, so I hope the recent spamming of articles has made up for the drought lately, I considered holding them off and releasing them slowly, but that's not my style.

Monday's half workout was not my fault, the gym opens at 5am on a Monday morning and it opened late, so I had no warm up and half a workout. As of the 3rd workout this week I moved to the 10 sets by 4 reps phase, hence the bump up to 100kgs. Aside from the weight being somewhat heavy it didn't feel too bad, I mean it wasn't pleasant, but I think I can go heavier (may try 120kgs for the 10 sets by 3 reps phase).

I haven't done an assessment for a while but at last measure I was about 96.5kgs @ 18% bodyfat,  I'll do one this week n see where I'm at. May have to consider a simple 4 week maintenance program after the GVT, perhaps a weight circuit program for 4-8 weeks I'm gettin pretty fat, and that's been my own fault. Nandos twice, McDonalds once, that's bad, for plethora of reasons (meat/unhealthy).

Workout 5
x10 sets Wk1
A1: BB Front Squat  60kg
A2: Lying Leg Curl  60kg
B1: RFESS   Out of time
B2: BB Good Morning  Ditto
Workout 6
x 10 sets Wk2
A1: BB EZ Curl  42.5kg
A2: Dip  Bodyweight
B1: DB Hammer Curl  17kg,17kg,17kg
B2: Skullcrusher  37kg,37kg,37kg
Workout 7
x 10 sets Wk2
A1: BB Bench  100kg
A2: Pullup  BW + 15kg
B1: DB Inc Bench  35kg,35kg,37kg
B2:  BB BO Row  70kg,70kg,80kg
Workout 8  
x10 sets Wk2
A1: BB Back Squat  100kg
A2: Lying Leg Curl  60kg
B1: DB Walking Lunge  22kg,22kg,22kg
B2: SLDL  60kg,60kg, 100kg

Breakfast: 1 cup of oats with 1 scoop protein powder, Hilo milk, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. 700mL of water. Vegetable smoothy- 1/3 of a cucumber, handful of alfalfa, a carrot, handfuls of beans, peas, corn, spinach, a few sticks of broccoli. 1 tablespoon of creatine in milk.

Post workout shake: x2  up n go "energize"'s, 30g of protein powder. 500-700mL of water during training. 1 tablespoon of creatine.

Post workout meal: X2 fried eggs on wholemeal toast (x2 slics) with low fat butter.
Meal before afternoon shift:  Smoothy- 1/2 cup of berries, 1 cup of mixed veggies, 1 banana, 1 pear/apple, 1/2 cup of walnuts/cashews, a touch of cinnamon, 750mL of water, 1 cup of yogurt, 150g cottage cheese, 3 broccoli stems, handful of cherry tomatoes, lentils, chick peas (or various other types of beans/lentils). I also forgot to note, this makes 2 shakes that I have over the course of the day, or I have the leftover one the next day.

Dinner: Various vegetarian options such as vegetable sausages, bacon etc.

Pre bed snack (sometimes): Second vegetable smoothy.

Supplements. 3-4 fish oil tabs with my afternoon smoothy, and I've started taking a multivitamin supplement once-twice a day.


  1. The veggie burgers at Nando's aren't bad (they changed the recipe and improved greatly), but they use really gross salad in the burger one, so I get it in the pita. Their grated carrot tastes funny. Do not like.

    Also that vegetable breakfast smoothie is officially the worst-sounding one so far, so I hope it tastes better than it sounds.

  2. My girl gets them ,she seems to enjoy them, I might try...

    It is f-ing horrible, it makes me gag the entire time I choke it down. But that's me, I hate vegetables, hence why I put them in smoothy form... I recommend them if you're not getting enough veggies... Which I imagine you are...

  3. I'm a total soup and salad girl. It balances out the beer and chips (sort of).

    This might help you? http://www.thesneakychef.com/

  4. Hah! I'm not sure you should be telling me about the "beer and chips" anymore.. could mean trouble for you....

    Thanks for the site!

  5. http://www.thesneakychef.com/free_recipe_one_and_only_guacamole.php <-I'm not sure how I feel about guacamole with peas in it, but OH MY GOD YOU COULD PUT THIS ON YOUR NACHOS AND TOTALLY NOT HAVE TO HAVE THE BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE

  6. The main reason I drink it is because veggies make me gag when I eat them.... And I get way more variety in when I can blend them (there are veggies in those smoothies I would never eat)..... you should try it... you like veggies right?

  7. Broccoli is one of my favourite foods. Sometimes I lie in bed thinking about it, and have to get up and cook some. I wish I was lying :P

    Things that are gross:
    *This weird Hungarian cheese my ex's grandparents once fed me (it felt like it was rotting in my mouth)
    *This stuff: http://www.productreview.com.au/p/4-3-2-1-slim-and-detox.html (Worst taste ever)

  8. Haha dork!! Then make the smoothy's with veggies you like?

  9. If I try thinking of it as cold soup I might get through it. I'll get back to you on this ;)

  10. Please do, tinker a little n see what you come up with? Maybe I'll chuck some of your recipes on the blog?