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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of actual articles lately, I've had my head back in the books, and have been spreading myself thin, with work on this blog too.

Excluding the Middle
Lyle McDonald jumps in with some pretty harsh words against much of what I say, which is fine, counter voices to your opinions are the ones we need to listen to the most. Unfortunately for McDonald my argument for HIIT involves not just the fat metabolism benefits of HIIT over Steady State but also (amongst other things) the time benefits of HIIT, which are paramount to my clients, most of which work 40+hrs a week. Why on earth would I prescribe them a longer training session than is necessary?

Steady State vs. Interval Training: Introduction
More from McDonald on the Steady State/HIIT issue, with links to other articles justifying his position. Enjoy.

Education Or Experience
I personally think both make for a good trainer, and as far as getting results and keeping clients are concerned you need both. Too much knowledge and too little experience and you don't know how to coach, or cue, visa versa and you don't know what you're doing, but you can be friendly, if not dangerous.

The Testosterone Principles:On Becoming Thor, Captain America, or Khal Drogo
Interesting stuff.

FREE Training Book Download
As mentioned in the article, you can't beat that price.

10 Secrets Of An Elite Fitness Business
Interesting post, I'd like to be able to tick off all these one day.

21 Days To A Better Fitness Business
More in the same vain as above.

The Key For Personal Training Business Growth
Not super relevant to me, as I don't run my own business, but there's nothing that says I can't implement these stretegies. Obviously this type and the other business articles are trainer oriented.

Training Clients with Obesity – Part IV (BMI under 35)
Something all trainers should at least be aware of, follow the links for more info.

Programming Core Exercises In Your Program
Again, ab training is another thing where the pendulum is being swung another way, this and the below article attempt to change your mind (away from crunches).

Pallof Presses/Belly Presses for Core Stability 

A Rant About Exercises Being Difficult
This is something I've seen with a lot of trainers and it's why I try stick to structured programs, this blog may be called "Killsession Musings" but that doesn't mean I opt for unstructured "throw everything but the kitchen sink" at your client training. I'm all for hard training, but smashing your clients with unfocused intervals with zero progressions, isolation exercises and plyometrics (without proper progressions) can be dangerous.

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