Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Articles For Women.

Due to the overwhelming success of the first Articles For Women, I've decided to make it a mainstay, with a specific focus on training but with fringe articles on all things woman. Anything I come across on my blogroll that I think might interest the ladies, it shall make it's way here. So, consider this, my ongoing special tribute to all the ladies, and how awesome you are!

Interesting, a post by a women, on women's rights, when being hit on by guys.

Always name names!
Here we have a response to the above by the delectable P.Z Myers.

Oh, no, not again…once more unto the breach
And a follow up piece on the above.

Getting and not getting
Last article on this I promise.

The Best Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy
For those dedicated mothers who train and have babies, all at the same time!

Mothers’ Experience of Feeding Their Families
Some tips for those hard working mums.

South Africa's lesbians fear 'corrective rape'
This is bleak. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to be born in a place like Australia, could you imagine this being your life?

How to be a Beautiful Badass
And something on a slightly brighter note.

Why expectations matter
Ophelia Benson discussing women's issues.

"Bridesmaids" saves the chick flick. Now what?
Is this an issue for feminism, or a step in the wrong direction? Follow the links for more discussion (and check out the comments section).

Will Ireland Apologize to the Women of the Magdalene Laundries?
Seems there is more going on in the world in women's issues than women's training.

Myths of Women Lifting: Science and Practice of Strength Training
It seems much of the strength and conditioning work I read these days is based simply on changing the current paradigms, this article is not different.

Actual Real V-Diet Results of 4 Weeks
Wow, beautiful badass huh? I tell my female clients this all the time, the stick figure model look is not healthy (or appealing), and is only desirable due to the fashion industries standards, but those standards are based on people selling you things, not on what is actually good for you. There is a difference, but I understand what I'm doing is asking women to look outside their cultural milieu, which can understandably be difficult!

Pullthroughs to Reinforce Hip Hinge Pattern (Youth Athletes)

Why Jamie Leigh Jones Could Lose Her KBR Rape Case
Poor lady.

Rape in the Ranks
This is digusting.

PICP Success Story Luke Leaman
It's not just about dudes, ladies. Check out the results of the featured femme.

Southwestern Avocado Stuffed Burgers: Guest Post by Dawn

Vegan Health Bar Cookies: Guest Post by Amy

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