Monday, July 25, 2011

Articles For Women.

Here Brett Contreras continues to show us just how amazing women can look, and how strong they can get.
A guest post by Marianne Kane with some great photos and tips.
I've added Kane's blog to my list, here is an article from her, with a workout (and below).
For Part 1, see here.
I couldn't agree more with everything in here. Dealing with the "crazy" some clients (not just women) put on themselves, weighing a couple of time a week, a strict confirmation bias on only the negative numbers (even counting good numbers as bad: "I only lost 6cm off my waist in 4 weeks???!!!") these are the result of getting too inside your head about your training. A focus, and goals for your training are good, encouraged, but the numbers don't change daily, not in the amount you're looking, and if your confidence is tied up in them, you will tend to see exactly what you fear.
A rousing tale and guest post on Mark's blog.
Interesting, do they have a case?
More harsh workouts ladies, completer with vids, enjoy!
Like the lady says.
I've discussed this topic here (and related stuff here) and I guess on the whole I support their usage, the author attaches a new study to support her claims.
For those of you with kids.
Sound familiar?
Don't fall in love Eloise...

Recipe ideas
News and issues related to women


  1. I want to go to summer camp!!!!!!!!

    Except for grown-ups, like this:
    And Rebecca has to come.

  2. x2 "2 hour intensity workout"'s? Epic fail!

  3. I've seen it on the show! The clients tend to be fairly overweight, and they bitch a lot. It's neat. Then at night the trainers party and get in trouble with Jackie.