Sunday, July 3, 2011


Pushup Research
Ok, everyone's been going apey bout the below article, so it's my headliner for this week, read, enjoy, be shocked!

The Best Damn Push-Ups Article, Period!
Contreras went a little spastic with this. More references and journal sources than you can throw a cat at.. I'm glad the pushup is a mainstay in most of my programs.

Awesome Pullup Variation: Iso Holds
An interesting vid.

Good Reads for the Week
Check it out.

Popeye Eggs
Recipes guys.

Baby Steps for Better Health

Wealthy, Handsome, Strong, and with Endless Hard-Ons: Is Masculinity Impossible?
Part of the atheist/skeptic community Great Christina also writes a lot on sex and issues related to it. Something for the masculine man,  gym crowd perhaps?

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 37

Bodyweight Redux
Apparently there's a bodyweight versus weight training debate going on. An interesting rundown on the subject, with more than a little opinion thrown in.

5 Exercises You Should Start Doing
I like this style of blog, usually it demonstrates the obvious, or as in this case, it shows you the value of exercises you might have considered and rejected, or have not considered at all.

In Defense of Cheat Days
Some interesting thoughts on cheating. As I'm not dieting at the moment I'm not having cheat meals, I tend to just eat. But dieters will definitely benefit from learning when to strategically intake a higher amount of calories and when it's OK to eat some "naughty" food.

Training Without Sleep
As most of my clients are doing 40+ hours a week of work plus dieting programs which are really intensive, we need to make sure recovery is made aware to the client, consider this my attempt to do so.

Do You Have Training ADD?
This is a common complaint with coaches and trainers. Working a program, trusting the program and giving the program the time to work, are all impassioned and calculated ways of training. This is hard for people, as they seem to train with their emotions, as opposed to their head (and there seems to be a general distrust of the science, as mentioned here)

5 Life Lessons from a New Dad

Pick Your Deadlifting Poison
With the deadlift being as important as it is, it's equally important that we do it right.

The 21 Best Fitness Business Tips
A good one for gym owners, PT's and clients.

10 Must-Read Fitness Blogs
Most of you receive stuff from these sites on my blog, if there's anything here I don't send you, please, chuck them in your blogroll.

Jack Up Your Strength the Right Way
Basic tips all my strength readers might want to master.

Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet and cancer risk
This is really interesting.

Strength for health in old age
As if there was any doubt, but still, trying to change the paradigm on the "aerobic" craze, is slow and steady.

Sleeping more means you get less fat
This is so my motto!

15 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Summer

25 Ways to Make This Your Fittest Summer Ever

5 Things to Do After Every Workout
Q&A: Is It Better to Skip a Workout or Tone It Down When Tired?

Obesity As a Social Diagnosis
I'm not entirely sure where I stand on the obesity issue, and in particular the people who are obese, but I know building a culture of blame, is not going to help.

Are Tax Incentives Cost-Effective to Promote Physical Activity?

The Morality of Teenage Fast Food Consumption

Why Diet and Exercise is Not a Treatment for Obesity
I posted this on FB as it's an interesting meta analysis of the obesity problem and our role as trainers in that.

Preventing Weight Gain in Your Sleep?
Again, uh-huh!

I think this is enough for this week, there are still a tonne more I could put up, but at some point, I imagine you all just tune out, enjoy!


  1. I still think instead of cheat days I should have cheat weekends, where I drink my weight in alcohol. I need to increase my thyroid hormone output and my 24 hour energy expenditure and my serum leptin levels, and Contreras says beer is the best way to do this.

  2. ...and I've already run out of names to drop

  3. Haha... in moderation, infrequently.. not every weekend :)