Monday, October 25, 2010

Destination: Abs.

As some of you who are friends with me on facebook know, I've been doing a lean down most of this year, I'm going to put up my journey thus far for you guys to see what I did.

This is what I used to be, this was my biggest and fattest. So many guys in the gym think this is what bodybuilding is. I got so offended when 80kg "nothings" would just call me a fat guy. "I can deadlift 205kgs for reps", "I can squat 220kgs" were my defenses. .so what!! I ended up being more like a powerlifter, and a weak one at that, than any kind of bodybuilder. Eating crap and lifting heavy? Yeh that's bodybuilding in the 60's. I was about 110kgs here with about 25% bf, this was about a year and a half ago. The problem was I followed bodybuilding magazine routines and bodybuilder diets forgetting one huge detail, I wasn't taking roids, so I couldn't keep all that muscle when it came time to diet! I remind myself this is how I looked whenever I get fed up with dieting and just want to be "big" again. Big isn't attractive, it's not "cool", women certainly don't enjoy it, and it scares most people, specially when you're fat and not musclular.
This is week 2 of the diet, my 1st week of training (after a holiday to America . .You can imagine how I looked after my body!). Training regime: Alternating set system. 15 Rep supersetting between upper body and lower body. 3 different superset groups in each workout (total of 6 exercises), done x3 per week. Body weight is 98.5kgs. High starchy carb breakfast and pre workout meal, protein and fribrous carbs for last meal of day.
Start of the 5th week Made a few bad choices regarding diet last week (icecream and almost only protein intake), think my metabolism died, so I'm recovering from that. Did my bodyfat % on the OMRON and I'm 17%, needless to say it's been a pretty shit week, starting to question why I'm doing it, you see people eating maccas, CARBS an not being too fat and then I'm sitting there with my 2nd fish meal for the day. . .eh over it! Particularly when you get numbers like 17%!!
Start of week 10- last week of Cosgroves Science of fat loss program. Going to have a week off training next week, then start basic circuits, probably do 2 phases of that then start strength training again. Bodyweight is 90.5kgs and bodyfat % has jus crept under 16% (on the OMRON, so take that as you will). Really should get someone to do skin folds soon . .
Start of week 11, my week off . . . No training beyond regeneration, mobility and flexibility this week. Happy with where I am and plan to be a little indulgent this week with the diet i.e eat carbs whenever I want, eat a little junk an not feel guilty. Spend this week getting my head back into it, having some time off so I can begin my next 12 weeks of gruelling horrible-ness :)
Still at 15% and 90.5kgs . . .Have knuckled down again this week, have started phase 2 of circuits/complexes and edt, with 30 minutes of HISS at the end of every workout now . . Just want some fat to start coming off those bottom abs dammit. This is about 17 weeks into dieting.
This is like week 22, I've been friggin shocking with my diet the last 2 weeks. I'm doing x4 rounds of 8 rep circuits with 40 min HISS after, x3 week plus a day of complexes (x3 sets of 10 reps x5 exercises) and 2 days of HIIT- 1 minute on, 1 minute off. Haven't tested weight and bf% for a few weeks, too afraid. 2 more weeks of this then I'm going to go into a superset, push/pull split x4 days per week with 1-2 interval days.
This is me as of the 25th/10/10. I've been doing a vertical push/vertical pull, horizontal push/horizontal pull (upper) on day 1 and quad dominant/hip dominant, abs/arms (lower) on day 2. I'm 3 weeks into my 12 week phase, have cut out the junk food, am sitting at around 94kgs, not sure the bf%, but it looks to be around 16-17% ish.

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