Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Destination: Abs (Redux)- Wk1.

Well, as of Wednesday night I hurt my back, quite intensely, but not to much actual damage, it was more a muscle "twang" with resulting soreness that actually, if you could look at it this way, was quite fortuitous as it alerted me (with the aid of the photo in this blog) to a problem I have, which is "anterior pelvic tilt" (for more see here). I've since been on a rehab program and addressing movement deficiencies and I gotta tell ya, I feel better, as in complete relief, I did HIIT on Thursday night, and thought I'd still be too sore to do my MRT on Friday, but after extensive foam roll, stretching and activation on my abs and glutes I felt good, so proceeded to do a light MRT workout, where I hurt my back even more... just joking. It was a really good workout, I focused on posteriorly tilting my pelvis by actively activating my glutes and abs, which helped "turn the lights on" (coupled with my prior activation drills) and make the exercises I was doing flow properly. I experienced almost no discomfort during training itself, felt fine afterwards and this morning.

I'd forgotten how bullshit hard MRT training is, and how much I have been getting on my clients backs for work that is really intense!

Alternating Set System

Day 1- MRT- Phase 1 Set Rep Rest Wk1
A1: Fr-Squat Psh Press Cmbo 3 15 30  40kg, 40kg, 40kg
A2: Seated Cable Row 3 15 30  60kg, 65kg, 65kg
B1: DB Step Up 3 15ea 30  10kg, 10kg, 10kg
B2: Pushup (on Fitball) 3 15 30  BW, BW, BW
C1: Back Extension 2 15 0  BW, BW
C2: Plank 2 60s 30  60s, 50s,

Day 2- HIIT

5-10 min warm up

5 min run around GF room
1 minute on 5

2 mins off 5

Boxing Intervals
Cool down 3-5 mins

5min cooldown

Day 3- MRT Set Rep Rest Wk1
A1: Deadlift 3 15 30  60kg, 60kg, 60kg
A2: DB Alt Military Press 3 15 30  12.5kg, 15kg,15kg
B1: DB RFESS 3 15ea 30  12.5kg, 12.5kg, 2.5kg
B2: Wide Grip Pulldown 3 15 30  75kg, 75kg, 75kg
C1: Landmine 2 15ea 0  45kg,45kg
C2: Rollout 2 15 30  8, 6

Day 4- HIIT

5-10 min warm up

5min warm up
1 minute on 5

2 mins off 5

 X-Trainer Intervals
Cool down 3-5 mins

5min cooldown

Day 5- MRT Set Rep Rest Wk1
A1: Fr-Squat Psh Press Cmbo 3 15 30  25kg, 25kg,30kg
A2: Seated Cable Row 3 15 30  55kg, 55kg, 60kg
B1: DB Step Up 3 15ea 30  7.5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg
B2: Pushup (on Fitball) 3 15 30  BW, BW, BW
C1: Glute Bridge 2 15 0  BW, BW
C2: Plank 2 60s 30  30s, 45s

Day 6- HIIT

5-10 min warm up

1 minute on 5

2 mins off 5

Cool down 3-5 mins

As far as diet goes, I've been strict this week, with "cheat" meals cming from 2 Quorn lasagnges on Wednesday night (650 Cals) which I subsitituted for half of my vegetable smoothy (211 Cals) and my post workout tofu mean (432 Cals), which put me even. I also had 4 vegtarian sausages on Friday night with 2 pieces of wholemeal bread which is about another 250 Cals on top, but I removed my last half of the vegetarian smoothy, so it came out close.

I've also removed the tofu and vegetarian sausages as of Thursday, and replaced it with chicken and veggies. I did this for several reasons (1) the incomplete protein, they say all your amino acids go into a "pool" where incomplete proteins get filled by the complete ones you ingest, still I don't think I'm getting the kind of thermic effect from the vegetarian proteins that a complete protein will give, (2) the sodium content of vewgetarian meals is ridiculous, I was consuming upwards of 1.5g a day (upper limit is less than that), I was getting headaches, this is not healthy.


Monday- 3200 Cals T-S- 2600 Cals Sunday- 2100 Cals
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Oats/milk/30g pro powdr Egg/whites/Spinach Smoothy
Protein- 39g Protein- 32.5g Protein-29g
Carbs- 41g Carbs- 1.5 Carbs- 45g
Fat- 8.2g Fat- 13.4g  Fat- 4g
Total- 415 Cals Total- 260 Cals Total- 429 Cals
Morning Tea Morning Tea Morning Tea
x2veg sausages Chicken/Mixed Vegetables Egg/whites/Spinach
x1 multigrain bread Protein-46.5g Protein- 32.5g
butter Carbs- 13.5 Carbs- 1.6
glass hi-lo milk Fat- 18.2 Fat- 13.4g 
Protein- 43.3g Total- 420 Cals Total- 260 Cals
Carbs- 31.5
Fat- 18g
Total- 473 Cals
Post Sleep Post Sleep Lunch
Vegetable smoothy Vegetable smoothy Chicken/Mixed Vegetables
Protein- 46.6g Protein- 46.6g Protein-46.5g
Carbs- 37.9g Carbs- 37.9g Carbs- 13.5
Fat- 3g Fat- 3g Fat- 18.2
Total- 411 Cals Total- 411 Cals Total- 420 Cals
Before Work Before Work Afternoon Tea
Smoothy Smoothy Vegetable smoothy
Protein-29g Protein-58g Protein- 46.6g
Carbs- 45g Carbs- 90g Carbs- 37.9g
Fat- 4g Fat- 8.2 Fat- 3g
Total- 429 Cals Total- 429 Cals  Total- 411 Cals
Post Workout Shake Post Workout Shake Dinner
x2 up n go/30g protein x2 up n go/30g pro Chicken/Mixed Vegetables
Protein- 45.1g Protein- 45.1g Protein-46.5g
Carbs- 55.7g Carbs- 55.7g Carbs- 13.5
Fat- 8.3g Fat- 8.3g Fat- 18.2
Total- 517 Cals Total- 517 Cals Total- 420 Cals
Post Workout Meal Dinner Evening
tofu/glass hi-lo milk Chicken/Mixed Vegetables Egg/whites/Spinach
Protein- 39.2 Protein-46.5g Protein- 32.5g
Carbs- 36.4 Carbs- 13.5 Carbs- 1.6
Fat- 22.7 Fat- 18.2 Fat- 13.4g 
Total- 432 Cals Total- 420 Cals Total- 260 Cals
Before Work



Carbs- 45g

Fat- 4g

Total- 429 Cals

Protein-276.2g Protein- 268.9g Protein- 233.6g
Carbs- 292.5g Carbs- 198.6g Carbs- 113.1g
Fat- 68.2g Fat- 73.6 Fat- 70.2g
Max Total- 3109 Cals Max Total-2460 Cals Max Total- 2200 Cals


  1. http://www.choice.com.au/reviews-and-tests/food-and-health/food-and-drink/groceries/vegetarian-meat-substitutes.aspx <-you can sort the list on page 2 by sodium count to weigh up your options :)


  2. Haha thanks... I think I'm out of the fold.. for now.. sister Rosenstein :(

  3. Vegetarianism isn't for everyone, but at least you tried. And hey, eating LESS meat is always a good step. I think people are just too reliant on a meat-based diet these days, and too many have the view that "it's not a meal unless there's meat in it". Hopefully we'll have you back onboard when you're done slimming!!!

  4. Agreed, I look forward to being more "earth conscious" again soon enough...