Monday, August 22, 2011

Destination: Abs (Redux)- Wk3.

Sorry I missed last week, I don't want to simply post week to week if I have nothing particular to say. With that mindset in, well, mind, how am I progressing? To be honest, the results are coming slow, I look better in the mirror than I do on the scales. I'm feeling leaner, the clothes are loose, but the scales say I've actually put on almost a kg (with a reduction in BF of about 1%), I haven't done any serious assessments, simple OMRON and scales at the moment. I've got a major assessment coming up next week. It's insane the weight difference I feel and see from high to lower carb days (sometimes a difference of 3kgs), which messes with your head, but my goal is ultimately to keep as much muscle as possible, so doing it slow is fine (after all I want to look good around December, a considerable amount of time away).

Training is solid, back is feeling good, no pain or discomfort. I've been semi regularly doing my foam rolling and stretching. I've been trying to increase the weight, but it's really f-ing hard doing 15 rep sets with any moderate weight, increasing it just makes you want to die! HIIT is fun as always, especially the boxing, I really like the way I feel during dieting phases, I like the diet restrictions (as much as I constantly crave Nandos and nachos), and I like how clean and healthy I feel. You enjoy food more when you're not just eating crap all the time. Psychologically, I get far more enjoyment out of a piece of chocolate now, than I did eating a whole bag of malteasers before, not hard to see why.

Assessment next week guys, complete with photos and measurements, eep!

Alternating Set System

Day 1- MRT- Phase 1 Set Rep Rest Wk3
A1: Fr-Squat Psh Press Cmbo 3 15 30  40kg,40kg,40kg
A2: Seated Cable Row 3 15 30  65kg,65kg,70kg
B1: DB Step Up 3 15ea 30  10kg,10kg,10kg
B2: Pushup (on Fitball) 3 15 30  15,15,15
C1: Glute Bridge 2 15 0  1,1
C2: Plank 2 60s 30  30s,30s

Day 2- HIIT

5-10 min warm up

1 minute on 5

2 mins off 5

 5min cooldown
Cool down 3-5 mins

Day 3- MRT Set Rep Rest Wk3
A1: Deadlift 3 15 30  60kg,60kg,70kg
A2: DB Alt Military Press 3 15 30  15kg,15kg,15kg
B1: DB RFESS 3 15ea 30  12.5kg,12.5kg,12.5kg
B2: Wide Grip Pulldown 3 15 30  75kg,75kg,75kg
C1: Landmine 2 15ea 0  25kg,25kg
C2: Rollout 2 15 30  8,10

Day 4- HIIT

5-10 min warm up

1 minute on 5

2 mins off 5

 5mins cooldown
Cool down 3-5 mins

Day 5- MRT Set Rep Rest Wk1
A1: Fr-Squat Psh Press Cmbo 3 15 30  40kg,40kg,40kg
A2: Seated Cable Row 3 15 30  75kg,75kg,75kg
B1: DB Step Up 3 15ea 30  15kg,15kg,15kg
B2: Pushup (on Fitball) 3 15 30  15,15,15
C1: Glute Bridge 2 15 0  1,1
C2: Plank 2 60s 30  30,30

Day 6- HIIT

5-10 min warm up

1 minute on 5
2 mins off 5
Cool down 3-5 mins

Diet has been good, for days that I've been feeling a bit naughty, I've been having (low fat) bacon, sausage eggs (as in x1 strip of bacon, x1 egg and x1 sausage which comes to about 350Cals, all protein and a little fat). I would recommend this to my clients who are on high protein diets, I would advise, however, not to have this type of meal with any carbs at all, no bread, no drink (other than water), its just too high in fat.

The diet took a massive hit over the weekend, after my night out on Friday (some thoughts on that coming in another blog, prepare for a rant people!). Nachos, large meals, ugh! And I have an assessment this week! Grr!

You really do realise it's the large portion sizes that contribute so much to the excess bodyfat, since I've been keeping most of my meals at about 400 Cals I've noticed the belly fat drip off. That would be another piece of advice to my clients, get rid of those gorging, large meals, you want to feel satisfied by the end of the meal, not sick.

Other than this past weekend, I've been on track with diet, eating right, for the first time in a long time. There is some debate about counting Calories, I used to be against doing it, and many professional coaches are, but I think it's worth doing at least once in your life (and by counting calories I simply mean working out your daily intake X your Physical Activity Level -  500-1000 Cals to drop weight, not weigh all meals etc). This way you get to see, objectively what you need to be eating, people often think they've got a pretty good hold on the Calories they're supposed to ingest in a day, I've seen people get it so wrong it's crazy, on both ends of the scales (I've seen girls eating 1500 Cals over what they're supposed to and guys eat that much under!). This is what you see most often with so called "hard gainers", they think they're eating a lot when in actuality, they're eating nothing, or binging and starving. The point is to consistently meet Calorie targets, with the adequate mix of protein and carbs.


Monday- 3200 Cals T-S- 2600 Cals Sunday- 2100 Cals
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Oats/milk/30g pro powdr Egg/whites/Spinach Smoothy
Protein- 39g Protein- 32.5g Protein-29g
Carbs- 41g Carbs- 1.5 Carbs- 45g
Fat- 8.2g Fat- 13.4g  Fat- 4g
Total- 415 Cals Total- 260 Cals Total- 429 Cals
Morning Tea Morning Tea Morning Tea
x2veg sausages Chicken/Mixed Vegetables Egg/whites/Spinach
x1 multigrain bread Protein-46.5g Protein- 32.5g
butter Carbs- 13.5 Carbs- 1.6
glass hi-lo milk Fat- 18.2 Fat- 13.4g 
Protein- 43.3g Total- 420 Cals Total- 260 Cals
Carbs- 31.5

Fat- 18g

Total- 473 Cals

Post Sleep Post Sleep Lunch
Vegetable smoothy Vegetable smoothy Chicken/Mixed Vegetables
Protein- 46.6g Protein- 46.6g Protein-46.5g
Carbs- 37.9g Carbs- 37.9g Carbs- 13.5
Fat- 3g Fat- 3g Fat- 18.2
Total- 411 Cals Total- 411 Cals Total- 420 Cals
Before Work Before Work Afternoon Tea
Smoothy Smoothy Vegetable smoothy
Protein-29g Protein-58g Protein- 46.6g
Carbs- 45g Carbs- 90g Carbs- 37.9g
Fat- 4g Fat- 8.2 Fat- 3g
Total- 429 Cals Total- 429 Cals  Total- 411 Cals
Post Workout Shake Post Workout Shake Dinner
x2 up n go/30g protein x2 up n go/30g pro Chicken/Mixed Vegetables
Protein- 45.1g Protein- 45.1g Protein-46.5g
Carbs- 55.7g Carbs- 55.7g Carbs- 13.5
Fat- 8.3g Fat- 8.3g Fat- 18.2
Total- 517 Cals Total- 517 Cals Total- 420 Cals
Post Workout Meal Dinner Evening
tofu/glass hi-lo milk Chicken/Mixed Vegetables Bacon and Eggs
Protein- 39.2 Protein-46.5g Protein- 42.7g
Carbs- 36.4 Carbs- 13.5 Carbs-3.9g
Fat- 22.7 Fat- 18.2 Fat-28.9g
Total- 432 Cals Total- 420 Cals Total- 404 Cals
Before Work



Carbs- 45g

Fat- 4g

Total- 429 Cals

Protein-276.2g Protein- 268.9g Protein- 233.6g
Carbs- 292.5g Carbs- 198.6g Carbs- 113.1g
Fat- 68.2g Fat- 73.6 Fat- 70.2g
Max Total- 3109 Cals Max Total-2460 Cals Max Total- 2200 Cals

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