Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Alwyn Cosgrove On Aerobic Training.

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"These researchers found that aerobic exercise doesn’t work at all — the weight loss after six months to a year is less than 4lbs. I’d say that it still does That takes us 2 weeks at Results Fitness.
There are several other studies showing no effect of aerobic exercise on weight loss when compared to dieting alone. There are a ton of benefits to low intensity aerobic exercise, but time and time again, research and the real world have shown that it’s not an effective tool for fat loss training or really an effective use of your time if that’s your goal. 
As far as exercise for fat loss goes – Strength training is number one. Metabolic circuits and interval training are number two. But they all fall a long way short of a solid nutrition plan.
14 studies on weight loss and aerobic exercise with 1847 participants have failed to show any meaningful results. Isn’t it time we faced the truth that it just isn’t a fat loss tool?" (Cosgrove 2011)

Cosgrove A., (2011). Aerobic Exercise and Weight Loss Research.

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