Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Killsession Musings.

No real point to this blog I guess, no investigation or form to follow, simply a meandering cascade of likely to be incoherent gibberish, thrown your way in an attempt to justify my position.

You may be wondering where am I coming from when I dispense blogs, articles and rhetoric? What am I trying to do and, perhaps more importantly, what gives me the right?  I've wanted to put some words down on virtual paper that I might elaborate to some of my readers, particularly those who don't know me, hence don't spend time with me, my philosophy.

I write, I like to do it, I like the mouthpiece that this blog affords me, I do only very basic, prima facie cases for whatever I investigate, I admit this. I try not to talk in absolutes, I try not to punt above my intellect, I am aware however that I fail, on many of these standards. I also respect the fact that there are people reading this who know more about what I'm talking about, and that I may be wrong on much of what I say, I would only ask those people to step forward, and correct me, or allow me to justify my position, if I haven't done so to their liking.

Recently I did an article on running, and it got me to thinking about how I might be perceived when I talk about HIIT, giving up running, avoiding roids and basically telling people how to live their lives.

I guess I firstly wanted to say, to all who are my clients, and all who read this, that I don't consider it my job to tell you how to live your life, in the sense that, you don't pay me to make your choices for you, and those of you who don't pay me, you don't read me to be made to feel bad for doing something you enjoy. I consider this blog to be mostly written dispassionately, in the sense that, in my life, I really don't mind what you do with your body, like to run? Please do so. Like to take roids? You have my blessing. Want to eat meat? I'll be jealous but it's your life. But, as a trainer and as a person learning about the world, I consider it my responsibility to myself at the very least to do subtle investigations into things, to learn about my world and my place in it, and my effect on it. I want to share what I find, right or wrong. I essentially leave it up to you to make up your own choices, but it should be noted, that this is not a moral blog, I don't make or cast any dispersions on any choice people want to make with their lives, it's just that it is my job, as a trainer to inform you, and as I'm doing this most basic of research, you might as well reap the benefits. If this information can help show you the most time efficient, safe, and effective ways to achieve your goals. Then the mouthpiece that is this blog is worth some small work on my part.

I do have limited space, I understand this may seem like a line I pull out often and I can understand if some of you want to call shenanigans. But I hope that I provide evidence for my claims, that I attempt to justify my positions, and more importantly, I'd like to hope I change my conclusions when convinced I'm wrong. Which, I might add, can only come from reason, argument and evidence, which I value most.

I did want to make special mention to the people that I might offend with this blog, or the people who think I'm a loud mouth telling them, quite presumptuously I'm sure, how to live a life they enjoy, that I respect your choices, even if I don't understand them.

In the end, nothing gives me the right to tell anyone how to live their lives, people can listen to me, or not, they can follow what I say, or not. I would only ask that you challenge me when I'm wrong, listen to me when I'm right, never take what I say on faith, always ask for evidence and justification for my positions, and know that I have only the best interests of myself and you in mind, when I dispense information, right or wrong. I'm not attacking you, only attempting to educate myself and others who might benefit.

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