Thursday, August 12, 2010


Putting it all together, diet and training need to be done in conjunction, I get a lot of smart assed comments with these blogs, a lot of disbelief, and that's the point of this blog, a response. People pick exercise by choice, by comfort, we are creatures of habit, people don't like being told how to act, an they especially don't like being told that what they like to do, is not good for them, I respond to that here. With that in mind, allow me to take a harder approach to the situation, for those who might respond to it. My interest, as your trainer, not as your friend, or even as a person, is in your well being not, your pride or feelings. You need to take these programs seriously for them to work, your diet needs to be keyed in, dialled up.  I'm talking no wine, no fast food, no chocolate (ladies!) and training almost everyday. The fact that some of my clients get results from 3 days a week training is a friggin miracle to me, I do 6 day programs and barely get the results I want.

You don't need to do this forever, set aside 3 months, follow a 12 week programs and see where you are after that. Give it an all out effort, see where it takes you, none of us are spring chickens anymore, this fat loss stuff will give you longer life too, it's not just about being pretty.

Some of you have said to me how you shouldn't follow diets, that it's a lifestyle change. I think that can be fine, if you're going to stick to it, if you're getting results from it, but some people need a harder line, a harder stance. Some need specific strategies to lose fat, just trying to be conscious of what you eat is not enough for many people to get it done. It's a start, don't get me wrong, and in most cases with you guys, I'd just be happy if you ate breakfast once in a while and ate some protein with every meal.

The 3 things I'm talking about that get results; metabolic resistance training, HIIT and high protein/low carb diets are all you need to be doing, the programs I write for you, the diets I give, are the most time efficient, practical programs you're likely to get (while building functional strength and protecting you against injury). I don't want you to have to spend 1 second in the gym or kitchen longer than you have to. You're already paying good money for personal training, why not go that little bit further and do the diet too? I understand the mentality, I refer to personal training to being like that of a mechanic, you throw some money at the problem (come in once a week, sweat your guts out) an that's it? Sorry, that's nowhere near enough. I'm a guide, a motivator, and one that has to be on your case 24/7 for you to get results. I see some of you for 30 mins out of a 168hr week, think about that, 30mins to undo 167.5hours of eating, sitting, stress, poor sleep, alcohol and junk food? Really? Pretty sure that has to be the definition of insanity.

Now I can't make you guys do x5 1hr sessions a week with me (I would if I could!) so some of the responsibility for your training and results have to come from you. I used to take a lot of the poor results from clients personally, like I was a bad trainer, and I very well could be. But, I've seen what works practically, I've got the science to back me.  You need to ask yourself, and clearly define what your goals are, be specific! If you wanna lose 10kgs, give yourself a time frame, make a choice to do it an set about it, because if you don't? If you choose to just "try and live a healthy lifestyle" you won't, because you have no driving force behind not eating KFC or drinking that beer.

I know I'm a big loud mouth, sassing you guys left and right, and at the end of the day, you are all training which is a positive step and I don't just think it's purely laziness that makes you not want to change (those of you who need to). A lot of you guys are pulling 60+ hour weeks, stresses of marriages, kids etc, it's hard. But that makes it more important, that you look after yourselves. I can't tell you how many of you are on blood pressure meds etc, my goal is to get you guys off that stuff. A little bit of preparation in your off time, and you guys can eat at work. Smoothies, pre made meals, this stuff is quick and you can keep it at work . Your health is more important than how much money you have in the bank or what car you drive. It sounds dramatic, but do you think on your death bed you're gonna wish you put in more hours at the office? Or that you ate right and looked after yourself (after all most cancers, diseases etc are avoidable or the likelihood reducible). Something to think about maybe?

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