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I usually send out a bunch of articles/blog posts to my clients via email, but viz Bret Contreras' blog I think I'm going to start putting them in blog form, that way I practically have a place to store them and can access them when doing research, and they can also then be accessed by others who read the blog, but aren't on my mailing list. I'll attach a short annotation if appropriate on my musings, recollections, anecdotes etc. Getting more interactive I guess is the point and the goal. Enjoy.

Healthy Habits 

Contreras discusses teaching your clients to train for themselves and how trainers should look at themselves as educators, not just bosses. I can agree with that. It’s surprising how a relatively simple article (for Contreras) like this can make something clear that might not have otherwise been prominently in your mind. I always try to teach my clients how to workout on their own, an I encourage them to do so. This article just reminds you to make it a serious consideration. 

Mental and Emotional Aspects of Long-Distance Running
This article was sent to my latest blog of research into aerobic running as a possible psychological component to running that I perhaps hadn't factored into my analysis of the situation (hence a reason why someone may not want to give it up in light of evidence?). I admit I was using cold data to persuade people to move away from an emotional choice, which may persuade those who couldn't care either way, but they aren't the ones who are "addicted" to running are they (generally)?

Muscle Imbalances in the Research 
 This article is from Rick Kaselj's blog, it's a research review of several journal articles. Why did I include it? When promoting resistance training as a viable, appropriate and in many cases superior tool for things like fat loss, injury prevention many of the nay sayers are going to (rightly) ask for evidence. The more I can promote peer reviewed journal articles demonstrating the efficacy of resistance training, perhaps more people will rely on it, and use it correctly. 

Are We Still Dieting the Wrong Way?
This article from Waterbury inspired in me an idea which was obviously logical but something I hadn't considered. Anyone who knows me or reads this blog, knows I'm a fan of smoothies, but what I hadn't considered, as a health option, was to (keep my other smoothies and) add a straight vegetable smoothy, to have once or twice a day, a cheeky little way to get some vegetables in that I might not be getting now (I admit I'm certainly not eating enough in quantity or variety). 

3 Tips for Anyone Who Wants to Improves Perfomance and Look Better Nakes Part 3- Cardio
This is an article from Dave Tate's blog, and it's just some anecdotal evidence to support my contention on aerobic training, resistance training and interval training, which I admit and concede, may mean nothing to runners. 

Evolution of a Strength Coach
The man himself, Michael Boyle discussing many coaches (and I'm assuming for my purposes personal trainers) progression in their own training. I can agree with the timeline even if my progression wasn't strictly the same; I understand the mentality, even if Boyle would not rate me as a trainer.

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