Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Putting It All Together

As I've done in this blog, I'm going to put together the order, in terms of blogs, in which your diet and training should go. Hopefully this can help spell out what it is you need to do to get results. It still feels a little clunky putting it together as a blog like this, instead of writing it out in a single post. I guess my thought process is this: I have written it out, in detail, separately, I've put it in several blogs, in several formats, this is just one more, to try and demonstrate what it is fat loss really requires.

Breakfast and daytime nutrition
Sample Diet For A Week.

This is how you eat from the start of your day to a presumed training time in the afternoon (and is basically outlined in this blog for you too), the fall back position as this blog suggests is, if you can't stop yourself from eating carbs during the day, cut them off after 4pm, this will still give you some positive fat loss response. Obviously it won't be as structured a diet as the featured blog, but it's a start, I would only expect my beginner clients, as in 3 months of training or less, to even have an excuse in doing this, the rest of you should be already doing the sample diet above (or at least your version of it). This blog demonstrates why it's so important and also gives some more information.

Pre workout out and workout nutrition
Pre Workout Nutrition, Workout Nutrition & Some Musings.

A detailed blog surely, but the devil really is in the details. It elaborates in specifics what's required prior to, during and after a workout.

Metabolic Resistance Training day workout
Sample Fat Loss Program For A Week. 

During a weights workout, you could be doing the sample workout from above or the workout in this blog (at bottom). The nutrition for such is above, post workout nutrition, below.

High Intensity Interval Training day workout
Sample Fat Loss Program For A Week. 

You can also use the intervals prescribed in this blog, though I would rather a 12 week progressive use of the above. Remember, both the interval programs in these blogs are phase 1 only, they progressively intensify every 4 week phase transition. Post workout nutrition below.

Post workout nutrition
Recipes, Post Workout Nutrition and A Rant (Non Necessarily In That Order).

We then have more specifics here on post workout nutrition, though it is discussed in this blog above.

Client Results- Sean "P Diddy" Powell.

And hopefully at the end, this is what you'll look like!

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