Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hey guys, another articles blog for your enjoyment.

Fashionably toxic
This one's a little old, but I had to put it in. With so many people, even in the fitness industry talking about "toxins" and "de-toxing" all the time, I couldn't resist putting up some actual, scientific research into this guff.

Good Reads for the Week
More articles than you can throw a cat at, Bruno's work on these posts makes my efforts on my articles blog, look a joke, hence why I steal from him.

Tightening Up the Ship
This blog made me feel somewhat better about my recent back troubles. Though I didn't injure myself to the extent Contreras did, so I can hardly compare, but it does demonstrate to me, even if our cases aren't similar, that injuries are a part of the gym world. I wasn't going for max strength like Contreras and he or others might say our examples are completely different (proper training versus improper for example) but the point I took away is: we're all human, we're all learning and that never stops.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 32
I really wanted to watch all these but they're making my computer run slow for some reason. Nonetheless, like a billion great vids to check out.

Good Reads for the Week
Again, Bruno working much harder than me.

Why Bodybuilders are More Jacked Than Powerlifters
I almost posted this on Facebook, always a good one, though I admit, I have very few clients who are trying to exclusively put on muscle, as in most of them are trying to look lean and muscular, without being huge.

Random Thoughts
I particularly like his opening thoughts, in fact, they're the reason I included this blog. Food for thought to all my clients!

Sleep loss lowers testosterone.....
I put these kind of articles in because most if not all of my clients are not sleeping enough, this can hopefully demonstrate why it's so important (yes for women too).

Goblet Squats
All my clients know this exercise, I've found it to be much more teachable than the front squat, I haven't done it with the Kettlebell yet, have seen Chris using it, will give it a shot in further programs where the kettlebell is prescribed.

The single best exercise
Seriously guys, you're not distance running are you?

Q&A: What are the Healthiest Beers?

Strength and Conditioning Discussion – Are Foam Rollers Crap?
Not the most scientific of articles, and I recommend you view it as such, but there are some interesting musings to be had regardless. I can personally attest to the positive benefit of foam rollers. 1 week since I hurt my back, foam rolling and stretching my lower body twice a day, has significantly improved my pain, as in I'm almost fit to return to training. I highly recommend them, obviously.

No Limits, No Nonsense
There is another post, I think by Mike Robertson that touches on some similar principles to this blog about coaching movements and coaching them well. We've all as trainers been frustrated with a client who simply cannot grasp an exercise (think of push presses, squats, lunges, bent over rows etc), but it is our job as coaches and trainers to figure out a way, like manipulating a Rubik's cube to get our clients to move well. Whether you take it back to basics as this article suggests or you spend the time coaching as Robertson's article suggests. Fitness, fat loss and muscle gains have to be subordinate to form and exercise execution, else, what are we for, as trainers?

Strong(her) University Part II: Nutrition 101
A nice post to the ladies, and also as I've been hammering home the basics of nutrition lately, this blog is following a similar thesis.

No Bake Cookies (Vegan, High Protein, Sugar-Free)
Eloise, Yasmin, Dion, Kara- A must read! And generally a good blog to add to your blogrolls.

An Awesome Resource for Healthy Food Options
Cherie- There's your quinoa.

Pumpkin & Chicken Curry Recipe
Add it to the list guys.

Why You Shouldn’t Take It Off Later
Motivational stuff, always good, I think, for my clients to see what the coaches use to motivate themselves.

Garlicky Roasted Shrimp and Swiss Chard

A Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Sex Drive
Training, a healthy diet, can improve so many more areas than your biceps. I see this with friends, clients, people who are depressed, their lives seem in ruin, they turn to drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, whatever. While I have no problems with those articles of enjoyment, it really depends on your reasons for doing them, your state of mind when doing them. They can lead to a negative psychological outlook, or and perhaps more commonly, are the results of a negative psychological outlook. How does one fix this? By getting their health and exercise regime sorted. By moving, by accomplishing goals, by self motivating etc. Positivity breeds more of the same, then again, so does negativity.

This is How I Train Part 1 – My Upper-body Pushing Workout
Functional training from a guy I've really come to love. His FB status updates are always right up my alley, as he tends to talk about the skeptical movement, good science and training, how could I not love this guy?

The Missing Piece in Designing Your Training Program – the Autonomic Nervous System. Part 1: The Science
A little science heavy, but interesting for those who can follow it.

Smallpox and Pseudomedicine
Not strictly on topic, but it's always good to learn how to detect pseudoscience, from real science, as we see with some strength coaches, trainers and Internet gurus.

Placebo Prescriptions
Some interesting thoughts.

I got put onto this blog by Sean Powell I believe (I have so many bogs on my blogroll, hard to keep track)



5 Surprising Reasons You Blew Your Diet
T-Nation, always good for some fun.

The Truth About Fructose
This is always a hot topic for debate, some interesting stuff.

How Many Meals a Day Should You Eat?
I think this is enough articles for you guys this week, enjoy!


  1. Thoughts:

    Hating on detox foot spas/ear candling/homeopathy is one of my favourite things in the world :)

    I wish we had 55 calorie beers in Australia! Apparently Pure Blonde might be as close as we get to Bud Lite, but come onnnnn. Coopers Clear is watery and rubbish, but at least it's made by Coopers. I don't know. I'll try.

    P.S. The hangover breakfast looks awesome, but i'm not 100% on cookies that have TVP in them (weird!!!)

  2. Haha! Me too!

    I'm just glad you're looking for and open, to trying other, healthier options El! You get a gold star (made of tofu).