Monday, August 30, 2010


Ok so putting it all together, how do you incorporate everything that I've been forcing down your throat? Well let's go through it, via hypothetical:

Your a mid 30's office worker (gender is not needed in this hypothetical), you're on a fat loss program, what do you need to do? You should, first thing when you wake up in the morning,  have breakfast, I would prefer a protein only meal such as egg white (you can have 1 whole egg) scrambled eggs with spinach and turkey breast (seriously, it takes 5 mins to cook). Then not long after you've been at work (about 3 hours after your breakfast), I expect you to crack your first smoothy of the day. Then a few hours later at lunch you should have your high protein/vegetable meal (something like some chicken bought from Woolies broken up an chucked into a iceberg salad with some boiled egg whites chucked in, you should have enough for 5 lunches with a whole chicken). Then for afternoon tea and as a pre workout meal you can have either your other smoothy or some high protein snack. Then when you get to the gym and step upstairs, head straight over to the blue/red mat areas, grab a black foam roller and roll out your whole body (if you're on a fat loss program, means you're doing 3 full body workouts per week, so you should roll out your whole body), then stretch your whole body (using the foam roll and stretching techniques shown). Then you go and do either your alternating set or circuit workout I've given you, when you're done you can jump on the cross trainer for 5-10 minutes as a cool down, but I won't lose sleep if you don't. I would recommend drinking a protein only shake (just protein and water) during your workout. Immediately after that, if you haven't had your 2nd smoothy, make sure you have some skim milk powder in it and have it (literally step downstairs and grab this thing). If you have had your 2nd smoothy, make sure you have a high protein/carb shake ready, either buy one or have one made from home (via bought protein off the Internet, with some skim milk powder). Then about 2 hours later have dinner, any high protein/vegetable meal, with no carbs. You should have had a drink bottle full of cold water with you all day, drinking from it all the time. On your non weight training days, everything follows exactly the same, except you do HIIT and you don't need to add skin milk powder into your post workout shake.

This is the bare minimum I expect from each of you, if you're not doing this, you're not going to get the results you want! Some of you are pretty good with this type of set up, but I think we can still go further, specifically with some of you who have been on fat loss programs for a while we need to start having high and low carb days. This is beneficial because it stimulates your metabolism without the worry of excess fat gain.

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