Monday, August 9, 2010

About Me.

Ok maybe I need to qualify, below is a pick of me, at age 22, months before I started training. I had what you could essentially call an eating disorder. Not necessarily anorexia, but I mean look at me, I'm a 22 year old man and I look like a 16 year old girl! I had no idea about nutrition, timing, protein, carbs, weight training etc I ate what I want when I wanted it. I was 185cms at about 68kgs!

Now from this image above, I went from this to below, in 2 years! From 68kgs to 105kgs! I ate what I was supposed to, I ate regularly and I did it without drugs in case you were wondering! I was strong (benching 130kgs, deadlifting 180kgs and squatting 180kgs, for reps too). I wanted to look like a comic book superhero, deluded I may have been, but I did it!
Now in the span of 3 months, I went from 105kgs down to 90kgs (as I was dieting to get into shape).
This was me after 3 months of dieting 20kgs lighter, by this time it had been 2 and a half years since that first image. Now after this I spent the next 2 years getting as big (and as fat it seems) as I could. I wasn't happy with my size yet, and I wanted more, so I asked my then girlfriend if she minded if I got fat, she didn't. I blasted the calories and weight and got up to 120kgs. I was benching 160kgs, deadlifting 205kgs (for reps) and squatting 220kgs.
Now this was 4 years after I was a 68kgs rake, now I was up to about 117kgs, and that's when I decided to start to get lean again, I spent the next 6 months leaning up and in that time lost about 30kgs, getting down to about 90kgs again (a weight my body seems to like).
I then spent the next year tryin out different styles of training. But when I got back from America at the start of this year I decided to go for abs, didn't care how big I was, all I wanted was abs. I was about 100kgs when I got back, pretty chubby and generally just not very healthy, I spent 6 months following 2 12 week programs, lost only 10kgs but looked the best I ever have! Below is me at 90kgs flat and like 14% bodyfat, the lowest I've ever been!

The best I've ever looked has come from doing intervals, metabolic resistance work and eating a low carb, high protein diet. I trained 6 days a week, absolutely as hard as I could and looked the best I ever have! I wanted to put this diary up to show you, that I started out as nothing, got huge and now am "skinny" (as some of my clients have been kind enough to point out). I did this latest diet with half the training volume of last time. Before I followed bodybuilder style routines. Bodypart splits, steady state cardio (I'm talking several hours over several training sessions a day), to get the results that I got from x1 1hr training sessions a day. . I'm the proof of this stuff, and part of the reason I espouse it. . .

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