Saturday, February 26, 2011

Training Diary-Phase 1- Wk2.

Ok so week two is going well, I'm writing this as of Wednesday, as I'm not working tomorrow night so I'm having to do tomorrow nights workout tonight, which means my chest is going to be a bit tight, it's not as much recovery as I'd like, but it's 48hrs, which is the bare minimum. If I didn't train tonight I'd either need to drive in tomorrow night or Saturday morning, as that's an hour and a half round trip, that I do twice a day, 4 times a week? No thankyou! Just suck it up tonight n "grr" through it tonight I guess.

Thankyou all for the jibes, criticisms and teasing, it helps to make me aware that (a) you're reading the blog and (b)  that you recognize what you need to be doing, and that I don't get a free pass either. My first week was pretty weak in terms of training, as you will be able to see below, I'm still not completing the entirety of the workouts, but am etching close! Training by myself perhaps, or the crappy meal in the morning is hindering me. But I'm reasonably happy with the increase of weight moved (which is no small part due to the eyes of my clients watching!).


Rob Build Up

Phase 1


Day 1

Upper Body S R Wk2
BB Bench/ BB BO Row 3 12  60kg/60kg, 80kg/80kg, 90kg/90kg
DB Inc Bench/ Suppt T-bar 3 12  25kg/50kg, 30kg/60kg, 30kg/60kg
BB Military Press/ Pullup 3 12  40kg/BWx10, 45kg/BWx8,-
Skullcrusher/ BB Curl 3 12  37.5kg/37.5kgs- Yes, I'm weak!
Dip/ DB Alt Curl 3 12  Skipped, due to being all weak.

Day 2

Lower Body/Abs S Wk2
Hex Bar Deadlift 3 12  100kg, 120kg, 120kg
DB Split Squat/SLDL 3 12  20kg/45kg, 20kg/45kg, 22.5kg/45kg
DB Step Up/ Lateral Lunge 3 12  15kg/15kg, 17.5kg/15kg-skipped last set.
Rollout/ Dynamic Plank 3 12   1/1, 1/1- skipped last set.

Day 3 S R Wk2
Upper Body 3 12
BB Decline/ DB BO Row 3 12  60kg/, 80kg/30kg, 90kg/32.5kg
DB Bench/ CG Seated Row 3 12  27.5kg/90kg, 30kg/90kg, 30kg/90kg
DB Military Press/ Chinup 3 12  17.5kg/BWx11, 20kg/BWx9, 20kg/BWx8
CG Bench/ Preacher Curl 3 12  Skipped, due to fatigue.
Rope Pulldown/ DB Curl 3 12  Ditto!

Day 4 S R Wk2
Lower Body  3  12
BB Back Squat  3  12  60kg, 80kg, 100kg
DB Walking Lnge/ Good Mrng  3  12  15kg/60kg, 17.5kg/60kg, 17.5kg/60kg
Hack Squat/ Lying Leg Curl  3  12  60kg/40kg, 60kg/40kg, 60kg/
Bodysaw/ Hanging Leg Raise  3  12  1/1, 1/1, 1/1

I managed to get through much more of my workout this week, which I'm happy for, didn't complete all of it, but I'm getting there. Those upperbody workouts are really draining, by the time I get done with my chins/shoulder presses, I'm emotionally and physically done. I've lost interest, I feel sick, I feel weak and just, for lack of a better term, can't be bothered finishing my arms. Now, that's not too bad, as for some reason my arms just grow no matter what I do. But still, I'd like to complete my workouts, for peace of mind.

Diet has been pretty similar to last week's, I did my proper diet on the Monday, had nachos on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (oops). I can see my stomach starting to really show, not feeling very good about that, I can start to see some muscle developing too, which I'm more happy about. Will do my assessment sometime this week and put in the stats below.

Ok so I did my assessment, I could only do a basic weight and bodyfat measurement test on the OMRON, the results were as follows

Weight: 94kgs
Bodyfat: 17.4%

I've decided to start trying to make some options towards vegetarianism (there is a blog coming about this). So my shakes will start to have some lentils and chick peas, I'll be dropping my meat pre-workout meal for baked beans and milk. I will go into depth with this for next week.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of oats with 1 scoop protein powder, hilo milk, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. 700mL of water.

Meal after morning shift: Nachos- 1 bag of CC's, half a bag of low fat cheese, 1 tin of salsa. 500mL of water. 1/2 cup of hilo milk.

Meal before training and afternoon shift: Smoothy- 1 cup of berries, 1 cup of mixed veggies, 1 banana, 1 pear, 1/2 cup of walnuts, a touch of cinnamon, 750mL of water, 1 cup of yoghurt, 150g cottage cheese, 3 broccoli stems, handful of cherry tomatoes.

Post workout shake: x2  up n go "energize"'s, 30g of protein powder. 500mL water durng training.

Dinner: 1 cup of brown rice, 1 cup of mince curry with mixed vegetables. 500mL of water over the night.


  1. Hey!
    I train at CBD with Bo, and was telling him this morning how much I was digging your blog.

    Especially interested in seeing how you'll take this from a vegetarian approach (I follow a vegan diet, and trust me, commercially-made vegan-friendly protein shakes are absolutely putrid... so it's a tough one!)
    I love these though:

    Eloise :)

  2. Consider flaxseed and organic peanut butter as ingredients for own protein shake.

    That's quite training schedule. I try to fit in about 3 good nights sleep between each workout.

  3. Hey Rob, your workout logs are hard as shit to understand. Can you post them in an easier to read manner so I can read in sweaty anticipation of the day you cruise past all my personal bests.

  4. Caston- Thanks for the tips :) I try to train my 4 days a week, with maybe a day of cardio, but as I've jsut done a couple of months of dieting, I'm happy to skip it :)

    James- Dude, what aren't you getting, because I can elaborate... This is how we write "in the biz" (hehe not really, I'm just not that bright)...