Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training Diary-Phase 1- Wk1.

So it's been a while huh?? I'm really sorry about that, I've got some articles in the pipeline, they should be through this week! In the meantime however, I thought I might start putting through what I'm doing in the gym, so you can see I'm in the trenches with you guys, suffering and lifting hard. You can see my failures and my success, warts and all!

I've just started back training after four weeks off. Two weeks spent in Bali, drinking lots of booze, which isn't great. I ate moderately well, lots of room service of steaks, eggs, chicken, some veggies, lots of water etc. I did quite a bit of walking, which isn't super great, but the long slow distance stuff is different to what I normally do, so that may have provided some small benefit. Then I got back midweek, so I had my third week off, then wouldn't you know it, I got the sniffles. So with my immune system down, I decided to have a week off to recover. So after four weeks, I'm back in the saddle, with a body slightly softer, weaker, and tighter!

So, my goal, is to write each week a general plan of what I did, diet wise, and training wise, with any accompanying thoughts, criticisms of myself etc. Let's get into it shall we?

I haven't done any bodyfat percentage testing, or girth or weight measurements, but I can tell you I'm "comfortably" sitting at about 17% and about 95kgs. I will do an assessment during the week and provide those results. It's important to note, however, that I'm not currently on a dieting program, my goal for the next 6-8 months is to put on as much muscle as possible, then lean down. This requires a slight surplus of calories, but I will focus on my routines being as metabolically active as possible, if only to keep some fitness going.  My goal is to not get too fat! I do, after all, want to look good.


Rob Build Up

Phase 1


Day 1

Upper Body S R Wk1
BB Bench/ BB BO Row 3 12  60kg/60kg, 80kg/80kg, 80kg/80kg
DB Inc Bench/ Suppt T-bar 3 12  25kg/50kg, 27.5kg/50kg, 30kg/60kg
BB Military Press/ Pullup 3 12  40kg/BWx10, 45kg/BWx8, 45kg/BWx8
Skullcrusher/ BB Curl 3 12  37.5kg/37.5kg- Ended session due to imminent vomit
Dip/ DB Alt Curl 3 12
Day 2
Lower Body/Abs S R Wk1
Hex Bar Deadlift 3 12  80kg, 100kg, 120kg
DB Split Squat/SLDL 3 12  20kg/40kg, 20kg/45kg, 20kg/45kg
DB Step Up/ Lateral Lunge 3 12  15kg/10kg, 15kg/10kg- ended again due to imminent vomit
Rollout/ Dynamic Plank 3 12

Day 3 S R Wk1
Upper Body 3 12
BB Decline/ DB BO Row 3 12  60kg/25kg, 80kg/27.5kg, 80kg/30kg
DB Bench/ CG Seated Row 3 12  25kg/70kg, 30kg/90kg, 30kg/90kg
DB Military Press/ Chinup 3 12  Ran out of time.
CG Bench/ Preacher Curl 3 12
Rope Pulldown/ DB Curl 3 12
Day 4 S R Wk1
Lower Body  3  12 Hamstrings were too sore from Tuesday session, skipped workout
BB Back Squat  3  12
DB Walking Lnge/ Good Mrng  3  12
Hack Squat/ Lying Leg Curl  3  12
Bodysaw/ Hanging Leg Raise  3  12


The first week was really intense, my hamstrings were destroyed after that Tuesday session, hence the fail on the second session. I've increased the intensity of the leg sessions as I felt I wasn't getting enough development on my last program. My next week should be back to full intensity, which isn't so bad as I inadvertently get undulatiung periodization.

As far as diet was concerned? Well that's where the wheels have been falling off the applecart. I'll give you a fair representation:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of oats with 1 scoop protein powder, hilo milk, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. 700mL of water.

Meal after morning shift: Nachos- 1 bag of CC's, half a bag of low fat cheese, 1 tin of salsa. 500mL of water. 1/2 cup of hilo milk.

Meal before training and afternoon shift: Smoothy- 1 cup of berries, 1 cup of mixed veggies, 1 banana, 1 pear, 1/2 cup of walnuts, a touch of cinnamon, 750mL of water, 1 cup of yoghurt, 150g cottage cheese, 3 brocolli stems, handful of cherry tomatoes.

Post workout shake: x2  up n go "energize"'s, 30g of protein powder. 500mL water durng training.

Dinner: 1 cup of brown rice, 1 cup of mince curry with mixed vegetbles. 500mL of water over the night.

I might substitute the nachos at morning meal for a smoothy, in which case I'd have spaghetti and brown pasta before my training session. That would be my ideal diet, which I did on Wednesday, Thursday. On my non weight training days, I try to rely on smoothies and the curry meals, I significantly drop my calories. The diet wil get tightened up over the next few weeks. To be clear, I don't condone some of my diet for my clients, this is what I've done, and my laziness. You know what you should be doing, and you'll see me tighten it up by next week.

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